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BMHA Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with

the 2015 Membership Launch!

Join BMHA TODAY and no later than June 30, 2015 and your membership will be extended until June 30, 2016.


BMHA Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with the 2015 Membership Launch!


Dear Prospective Member:


At the 2015 Golden Globe Awards, the actor/singer/songwriter, Common, eloquently stated that the movie Selma awakened his humanity. After almost two years back at the Black Mental Health Alliance, I echo Common's sentiment and am recommitted to not only my awakening but that of all humanity with the focus of not only do #Blacklivesmatter, ALL lives matter!


Black Mental Health Alliance has a history of community outreach, providing resources, referrals and training/education and consultation on a number of significant issues that impact our community. To continue the work, build organization capacity and expand our reach, we need you please to join our efforts through membership.


  Why you should join? Your membership contribution will help maintain BMHA's 30 year legacy as a premier organization that promotes cultural competency in mental illness and mental healthcare for people of color.


  Who should join? This membership is available to individuals who are licensed in the behavioral and physical healthcare workforce and provide mental health services to those in need. Members may serve on BMHA Board committees and seek election to the BMHA Circle of Friends. (annual membership fee = $149)


  What are the benefits? Client referrals, networking opportunities, access to the periodic and annual meetings/symposia, periodic organization publications, career-development and training, mentor/mentee program, leadership opportunities, workforce readiness resources, speakers' bureau opportunities, access to members only online membership directory, and membership discounts are all available to you when you join!


  How do I join? Membership subscriptions can be found on our website, Further questions about membership can be answered at 410.338.2642.


Collectively, we will make a difference and I thank you in advance for your support through membership or a donation of any amount!


Always sincere,

Jan A. DesperExecutive Director

Black Mental Health Alliance

for Education & Consultation, Inc.


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About BMHA, Inc.: The Black Mental Health Alliance (BMHA) is a non-profit organization founded and incorporated in 1983 and 1984, respectively. The primary mission of the Black Mental Health Alliance is to provide and promote a culturally relevant approach to addressing mental health issues with existing and developing mental health programs that service African Americans and other people of color.


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