PAST EVENT: Trilogy of Trauma – Epilogue: Black Men ~ Suffering in Silence

Trilogy of Trauma - Epilogue: Black Men

“Suffering in Silence: Depression, Stress and Trauma in Black Men” Featured Expert: TBA There is a secret depression and ever-present rage that is rooted in a variety of traumatic and stressful life events that many Black men battle. Faced with having to privately carry the load of their emotional baggage while being told to “man up”, Black men’s experiences are often overlooked. With a lack of viable outlets and safe spaces to address these issues, this session seeks to help Black men of all ages break their silence. Patrons will be given the opportunity to acknowledge their psychological pain, seek help, appreciate their intrinsic worth and value, and engage in affirming healing rituals, habits, and practices for today’s Black man.</P Please be aware that filming and photography commissioned by Black Mental Health Alliance for Education & Consultation, Inc. (BMHA) will take place during this event. The footage and photography will be published in BMHA internal and external videos, publications, and publicity materials including the website and social media channels, and may be circulated to press and other news media. Your presence in the areas in which we are filming or photographing will be regarded as your consent to be filmed or photographed, and your consent to use your image in any form of publication or video without restriction as to frequency or duration of use. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please avoid the areas being filmed and photographed. Thank you for your cooperation

Date and Time

June 15, 2019

9:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT


Baltimore City Community College - Liberty Heights Campus 2901 Liberty Heights Avenue The Fine Arts Building in the Mini Conference Room Baltimore, MD 21215 United States