Alanna Taylor

Alanna Taylor is the Director of Communications and Development at the Black Mental Health Alliance for Education and Consultation, Inc. She oversees communications in the organization in which she manages all social media campaigns, email blasts, ghostwriting for staff members, and other means of promoting and marketing the organization. When Alanna is not designing social media campaigns, she guides and mentors interns in designing engaging memes. Alanna writes all the content on the social media accounts for BMHA as well as provides resource information for each campaign. This year, Vogue Magazine recognized BMHA as one of 12 Black mental health organizations to follow on Instagram (@black_minds_matter_) for resource information. Since promoting an organization is closely tied to fundraising and development, Alanna also writes and manages the submission of grant applications to foundations, agencies, and private funders on behalf of the organization. Since September 2018, she has worked with the BMHA Executive Director in raising a significant amount of funds for the organization by connecting with influential followers on social media and writing winning grant proposals. Alanna’s knowledge of design is grounded in post-graduate work in architecture at Morgan State University and in her journey as a visual artist. Her ability to write proposals and engaging content about Black mental health is rooted in her bachelor’s degree in History and undergraduate research in African American History after Reconstruction leading up to the Civil Rights Movement at the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of American History.