Transforming Lives

BMHA educates the community about healing practices and culturally-relevant approaches to contemporary challenges.

Our New Podcast on August 28 @3PM EST

Renewing Minds

BMHA empowers the Black community by offering an array of call-to-action programs and initiatives.

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Changing the Conversation

BMHA members gain greater access to national thought leaders  and have a platform to share their research and experiences with a wider audience while gaining more patients for their practice.

Membership Has Its Benefits

#BlackMindsMatter To Us!

Annually, BMHA provides over 600 referrals to individuals seeking licensed culturally-competent clinicians for behavioral and mental health treatment.

Over 100 behavioral and mental health professionals receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through BMHA each year. Now, our training division has seminars offering CEUs at a discount for BMHA members.


BMHA provides meaningful, engaging and empowering monthly programming educating Black people on their ability to heal both individually and as a community. Our events empower participants to seek additional help and resources.

Our Silence Will Not
Protect Us

It’s finally here! Our very first episode of our Real Talk: Black Minds Matter Podcast drops on Friday, August 28 @ 3 PM EST! Stefanie Brown James will join the BMHA co-hosts Andrea Brown and Nia Jones. Ms. James is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Collective, an umbrella organization dedicated to supporting and funding Black candidates to win elections on the local, state, and federal levels and increasing the engagement of Black voters in the political process. The BMHA co-hosts and Ms. Brown will discuss one of several dimensions of wellness referred to as Social Wellness. Through activism and using your voice for social justice, learn how you can contribute to your community and to the world as a means of building a sense of belonging as well as preventing social isolation.