Ubuntu Collective Black Healing Series

Feb 10, 17, and 24, 2021 | 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM EST


#BlackMindsMatter To Us!

Annually, BMHA provides over 600 referrals to individuals seeking licensed culturally-competent clinicians for behavioral and mental health treatment.

Over 100 behavioral and mental health professionals receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through BMHA each year. Now, our training division has seminars offering CEUs at a discount for BMHA members.


BMHA provides meaningful, engaging and empowering monthly programming educating Black people on their ability to heal both individually and as a community. Our events empower participants to seek additional help and resources.


Welcome to 2021! A new year filled with the possibility for us to reimagine, renew and rebuild our lives, our families, our communities and our future. Amid a global pandemic, racial tension, a divided and racist America, I urge you to be steadfast and resolute in your commitment to change the narrative about our children, our men, our women, our neighborhoods, our brilliance and our trajectory.

The violence witnessed a few days ago on Capitol Hill is the manifestation and culmination of reckless leadership and misuse of power. However, in this moment we must remain focused, concentrate on the truth, trust our phenomenal historical and contemporary powers of resilience, life-saving healing practices, adaptability, and commit to real and substantive change for our families and community. We cannot get distracted despite the obvious and glaring disparities of every form in this United States of America. We are a proud people with a rich lineage called to do great things, and as a collective, we have everything we need to change the narrative, change our actions, and change our future.

Where do we start? We begin by making self-care a priority, and changing our thoughts about ourselves and our people. We must dream, lead, fight, think, write, build, lean in, speak up, educate ourselves, center ourselves, believe, challenge, and inspire. Remind yourself daily of your worth and see to your own healing and emotional well-being.

A few years ago, I read an article and came across these affirmations and wanted to share. Say them aloud and often.

I am enough
I am worthy
I will surround myself with positive people
I am allowed to acknowledge all that makes me human (your trauma and your triumph)
My body is celestial
I will allow myself to evolve
I will recognize my good qualities
I am deserving of respect
I will not conform to the ways of my enemies (or as Dr. Purnell would say, “my haters”)
I will love myself unconditionally

Affirm yourself often, agitate when necessary, and advocate always. Take your rightful place, find your voice, and Stay Woke.


Stay The Course!
Andrea Brown
BMHA Executive Director