Richard A. Rowe is the Resident Consultant for the Black Mental Health Alliance for Education and Consultation, Inc. (BMHA), and is responsible for providing strategic guidance and assistance to staff in the planning and implementation of special activities/educational forums, community engagement interventions, and training sessions. This programming informs and promotes BMHA’s vision, mission and goals with youth, parents and other community members and organizations. Richard has an over 30 year history with BMHA and has served on its Board of Directors and as the Board President.

Richard is an experienced trainer and he has provided training and technical assistance in the areas of family strengthening, cultural enrichment, historical/contemporary trauma, and parent involvement to numerous public/private schools, community organizations and public/private agencies. In addition, he has provided consulting support and specialized training in leadership development, strategic programming and peer-to-peer support to public/private sector middle and senior level managers.

Richard specializes in connecting grassroots youth-led organizations with organizational capacity building opportunities that are essential to create realistic and measurable goals/objectives, to achieve “organizational readiness,” and to engage in strategic collaborations to yield positive outcomes related to the socio-economic and psychological health of Black children, youth, men, and families.

Richard is a graduate of the University of Baltimore and Morgan State University. He is also the recipient of two national Fellowships (Open Society and the Campaign for Black Male Achievement).

Richard enjoys reading, listening to jazz music, visiting African American museums and writing essays, Op-Ed articles, and poetry. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

[email protected]