What’s a Toxic Relationship?

A toxic relationship is characterized by insecurity, self-centeredness, dysfunction, dominance, and control. It is not a safe space. You risk your safety, security, and very being by staying in such a relationship. A toxic relationship isn’t about being on the downward slide of the usual relationship ups and downs. It is a relationship that consistently steals your joy, robs you of your peace, damages your self-esteem, drains your energy and follows you around with that undeniable feeling that this isn’t how it’s meant to be. Although both parties play their roles, it takes two individuals to have a toxic relationship. We focus on the behaviors of the toxic partner, but we must look equally hard at the individual who is the recipient of the toxic behavior.

3 Signs You’re Addicted to Toxic Relationships:

You know it’s bad, but you stay.

You want more for yourself, but you stay.

You know your emotional, mental, physical or spiritual needs will never be met, but you stay.

6 Reasons You Keep Attracting Toxic Relationships:

You treat yourself with less value.

You accept circumstances you really don’t want.

You sacrifice yourself and what you want.

You don’t really love or respect yourself.

You hide who you really are.

You haven’t fully dealt with your past.


7 Surprising Reasons You Attract Toxic People:

You are a great listener.

You are generous with your time.

You’re open, honest and trusting with your dreams.

You’re really easygoing.

Your sunny disposition is all-inclusive.

You’re a great bridge builder.

Your view of human nature is almost too positive.

15 Ways to Love Yourself & Know Your Worth

Have Fun By Yourself

Travel Once A Year

Forgive Yourself For Your Mistakes

Start a Journal

Practice Soulful Self Care

Learn Healthy Boundaries

Make A List Of Your Accomplishments

Make A Vision Board

Pursue New Interests

Get Out of Your Comfort Zones

Challenge Yourself

Give Yourself Credit

Work On Your Self-Trust

Stop Negative Self Talk

Resource info for Mind Health: Shop Talk™ ~ Know Your Worth: Lessons in Letting Go submitted by Avalaura Gaither, MSW, LGSW.